“Not sure where to start, have I learnt more about my dogs or me? I think it’s a tie!! I have attended most schools over the past year & a bit & have learnt so much & taken away so much that I incorporate into my daily life with the dogs. I have loved every minute & hope to attend many more schools on my journey to gaining a solid partnership with my dogs.” KD


“We have attended four schools over a 12 month period and I can highly recommend them. Every time I learn more about both my dog and myself. And to top it off the great people involved and friendships forged from common interests.” LKsim

“They’ll even write commands on your hands so you remember them.” SH

“We could not believe how much easier it was moving cattle today. Applying what we learnt over the weekend and letting Lexie do what Lexie does best with just a little direction added where needed. HUGE WIN! No yelling and cursing and losing my marbles, just putting myself in the right spot and quietly asking the question. Was a thing of beauty. Thank you all again!” TG