Shipping Policy

After receiving your order, an email will be sent to your email address confirming the order details. Goods will be shipped from our warehouse within  24 to 48 hours, weekends excepted,  and we will use our best endeavours to ensure we meet best possible delivery times, understanding that these timeframes cannot be guaranteed.


Estimated delivery times are:

Destination        Business days

Sydney                          2-4

Regional  NSW            3-5

ACT                               2-4

Brisbane                       3-5

Regional QLD              4-6

Melbourne                     1-2

Regional VIC                2-3

Adelaide                       4-6

Regional SA                 5-7

Perth                              5-7

Western Aust.               6-8

Hobart                           5-7

Tasmania                      6-8

Darwin                           6-8

Northern Territory          7-9